There are unlimited options for ponds and water features depending on the type of garden you have. These range from large pools, cascades and fountains to small self-contained pebble features. At Robin Pryer Landscape Craftsman we can help you create a calm, serene and tranquil environment for you to relax and enjoy on many summer evenings.

We will assist you in building the pond you have always desired. From the first visit to the final switch on of the filter system, you can rest assured that we will be with you to ensure everything is in order.

We will visit your property to discuss your individual requirements such as:

  • the shape,
  • size,
  • plants
  • lighting
  • filtration system
  • type of water feature, e.g. fountain, cascades or waterfall etc. incorporated into the design

We will then be able to provide you with a scaled design of the proposed pond and a final cost of the pond. You simply need to decide on the type of pond you require. So, whether you want a wildlife pond or a dipping pond, we are only a call away.

We have extensive experience in designing and building beautifully stunning water features and ponds. Our aim is to create your vision and dream. So why not give Robin Pryer Landscape Craftsman a call today on 01428 729 902 to discuss your options and realize your dream.