A garden is complimented and enhanced through the use of planting. At Robin Pryer Landscape Craftsman we know the right planting can make all the difference, when adding the perfect finishing touches to any garden. For example, strong architectural plants are more suited to contemporary outdoor spaces whereas herbaceous perennials would work better in a more traditional garden. With considerable horticultural experience and in-depth knowledge of plants, shrubs, flowers, hedgerows and trees, Robin Pryer Landscape Craftsman is guaranteed to bring your garden to life.

Every garden is different; large, small, North or South facing, sheltered or exposed. All these factors influence the type of plants that should be used and we will use our many years of experience to suggest the best types of plants for your garden. When it comes to plants, individual tastes can vary dramatically. So we work with each customer individually to develop a unique planting scheme that is based entirely on the customer’s own preferences and lifestyle.

Consideration will be given to seasonal colour schemes, growing conditions and on-going maintenance requirements, plant lifecycles etc. and we will propose a planting scheme that works well on all counts. From annuals, bedding plants, climbers to perennials, shrubs and trees, we not only prepare the ground, source the plants but also provide comprehensive aftercare advice and an optional aftercare service is also available.


Turfing is a perfect way to finish any project and we know the importance of picking and planting the best turf for your landscaping project. It is also a fast, an efficient way to create a good-looking lawn in a short timeframe. It is important to select the correct turf as above all other factors, your project's turf plays an outsized role because it is the most common and most expensive element of any typical landscaping or gardening project. This is why we insist only on the very best when it comes to all the elements we use in our landscaping projects.

We will prepare the site thoroughly to ensure it is level and clear of debris adding top grade topsoil before we lay premium quality turf which is weed-free and fit for purpose. An aftercare service can be provided to ensure your turf is maintained at the condition, it was when it was first laid.

If you want to high quality landscaping results, contact Robin Pryer Landscape Craftsman today and let us help you come up with a truly powerful and arresting landscaping project. Let our attention to detail and commitment to quality work for you. Call us on 01428 729 902.