Decking creates an ideal area for entertaining with the versatility and beauty of wood. The natural beauty and warmth of wood is a welcoming alternative to concrete or stone paving. At Robin Pryer Landscape Craftsman we only use the highest quality materials and our highly skilled landscapers will create the perfect space for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

Decking can be created from both hardwood and softwood boards. Hardwood comes from broad-leaved trees whilst softwood comes from coniferous, evergreen trees. At Robin Pryer Landscape Craftsman we always use naturally durable hardwood or pressure treated softwood as this resists fungal decay. Most decks are made from pressure treated softwood, due to its of ease of working, availability and because it provides very good value for money. Hardwood boards come in a range of sizes and colours, although, they require more on-going maintenance and tend to be more expensive. Whatever, your choice of board, you can be rest assured that at Robin Pryer Landscape Craftsman, we will provide the highest quality workmanship.

Decking is adaptable to most gardens and is the perfect solution for gardens with difficult sloping sites, due to its versatility. We will create a design that is perfect for your garden. Many different shapes and designs can be achieved blending naturally with any well designed garden.


Pergolas are an excellent way of dividing a garden into different spaces and create a beautifully, unique and relaxing area for you to enjoy on many a summer evening. They come in a wide range of structures but are usually described as a series of two or more interconnecting arches leading from one part of the garden to another.

They can be used in a variety of ways to suit your garden and to create the style you are looking for. For example, pergolas can be used:-

  • To frame an amazing view you have in your garden
  • To divide your garden
  • To provide shade
  • To create a sense of privacy or enclosure
  • To establish a framework for planting in a confined area.

If you’re thinking about decking or a pergola, why not give us a call, our team of specialists will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide free advice. Call Robin Pryer today on 01428 729 902.